CEO’s Statement

H_1 Husaini Hussin
Chief Executive Officer

Welcome and I am glad that you are here on Private Pension Administrator (PPA’s) official website that provides you insights on retirement as well as all information about the Private Retirement Schemes (PRS) and most importantly, how PRS would be good to help you save more for your retirement years.

With rising living standards and increasing life expectancy, it is crucial that you have adequate and sufficient savings to sustain your retirement years. To do so, you can contribute into a savings and investment scheme designed for retirement such as the Private Retirement Schemes (PRS). Whether you are employed in the private or public sector or even self-employed; you could voluntarily supplement your retirement savings under a well-structured and regulated environment with the PRS. If you are an employer of companies and organisations, PRS could be a useful tool to attract and retain skilled talents.

One of the unique features of the PRS is PPA’s presence as the designated central administrator for the scheme. PPA was established by the Securities Commission Malaysia with the purpose of serving and protecting PRS Members’ interest. Aligned with our purpose and guided by PPA’s motto “We are here for you”, PPA provides lifetime account management, member services and is a one-stop resource centre on PRS.  As PRS Members, you have the consolidated view of your respective PRS accounts through PPA’s website to monitor your contributions and performance of all your funds. Additionally, you can enrol for an online PRS account or top up your PRS contributions anytime, anywhere in an easy, convenient and secure way via PPA’s PRS Online service.

You are never too young and neither is it too late to start saving for your retirement.
If you are a young working adult, saving for your retirement should ideally begin when you start working. Building another source of savings will also augur well for your future retirement income. For those who have yet to be members, I hope you will take the next positive step to start your savings in the PRS for your future today.

Save more for your future with PRS.

Husaini Hussin
Chief Executive Officer