As young adults, we strive to make our own way in the world, building our careers and overcoming novel challenges. From adjusting to new work environments to making breakthroughs in your career, you control your path in life. The same goes for your life after work.

According to reports, only 3% of Malaysians will be able to afford life post-work and even more alarming, 60% of Malaysian youths do not have sufficient funds to last more than three months. However, do not let these deter you; instead, you can beat the odds by taking charge of your future, today.

This is because the future is yours to create.

Perhaps you envision yourself settling comfortably in your dream home or backpacking across the globe. Regardless of where you see yourself in life after work, it’s never too early to develop a plan and work towards making it a reality. Once you resolve to live life on your terms, you would also need to ensure you are financially prepared for your future wellbeing. Get to know about Private Retirement Schemes (PRS) to give yourself a head start.


Private Retirement Schemes (PRS) is a voluntary long-term savings and investment scheme that lets you save more for life ahead of you.

Everything worthwhile takes time and effort. While you may have a slow start, your small efforts will make a big difference once you gain momentum. If you’re not sure how to begin, let us help you navigate the change ahead.

Every little counts.

You can start with RM100 a month and gradually sow more savings in PRS as your income increases in the coming years. Even if you start small, you can reap significant rewards later.

Studies also recommend having at least two-thirds (67%) of your last-drawn income to sustain your current lifestyle when you stop working. Using PPA’s retirement calculator, you can find out how much you need to save for your retirement.

Do it all with PPA’s PRS Online.

Easy, Convenient, Secure. You can enrol for a PRS account or top up your PRS contributions via PRS Online, anytime and anywhere, using your smart devices.

For new applicants aged 30 and below, enjoy a 0% sales charge when you sign up via PPA’s PRS Online.

PRS is designed to suit your needs.

Choose from the PRS Providers offering various funds (Conventional or Shariah-compliant) that come with varying risk levels.

We make it simple for you too. If you’re unsure which funds to choose, you can opt for the default option, which automatically allocates you to PRS funds based on your age group. Otherwise, you can choose PRS fund(s) based on your risk appetite.


The sooner you start saving, the longer your money has time to grow. Put your money to work and let compound growth work its magic.

“Start early. I started building this little snowball at the top of a very long hill.”

– Warren Buffet

Compound growth is when the return on your saving is reinvested for future growth in a long term saving scheme such as PRS.


With compounding, even small amounts can add up over time. For instance, if you put RM25 a week in a jar for 30 years, you’d get RM39,000. But if you invest it instead, here’s how much it can potentially grow.

Year 1

Initial investment has the potential to earn returns.

Year 2

Return earned is added to investment.

Year 3

Accumulated returns over time will generate more returns.

Think of compound growth as rolling a snowball down a hill. As your savings roll down the hill, it gradually gets bigger when it reaches the bottom. The key is to have a very long hill and build the snowball by starting younger or saving longer.

Let us look at the case of two colleagues, Maria and Jeff.

At age 60, Maria has larger savings because she started saving early, despite lower monthly contributions.

Maria Jeff
Age 25 35
Current Salary 2,500 3,400
Mandatory Retirement Scheme Balance 0 100,000
PRS Balance 0 0
Years to Retirement  35  25
PRS Saving of Monthly Salary (%) 4% 7%
PRS Saving of Monthly Salary (RM) 100 210
PRS Savings at 60 (RM) 207,711 194,429
Total PRS Contribution (RM) 73,000 92,000

Annual Return* (%) – 6%

Note the Disclaimer below.

Make the smart decision and have more for your life after you retire.

Let Nothing Hold You Back