General Information

Who is the PPA?

The Private Pension Administrator (PPA) is a body approved under section 139C of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 to perform the function of record keeping, administration and customer service for members and contributors in relation to contributions made in respect of a private retirement scheme. All PRS applicants are required to open an account with the PPA and upon successful creation of the respective account, the PRS applicants are subsequently referred to as PRS members.

What does the PPA do?

The PPA plays a significant role in enabling the infrastructure for the PRS industry. PPA’s key objectives are to provide efficient administration as well as industry advocacy and development.

Central Administration – Besides providing life-time central account management, facilitating transactions and promoting efficient administration to help account holders monitor their PRS funds, PPA also operates a call centre to handle enquiries on the PRS.

Industry Development – PPA also acts as a one-stop resource centre for information relating to the PRS industry, PRS Providers, Distributors, Schemes and Funds for members in Malaysia. PPA is responsible for educating the public on retirement and the PRS.

Advocacy – In providing central administration and developing the industry, PPA seeks to generate public confidence and protect members’ interests.

How do I get a PPA Online Account Number?

Upon investing and concurrent with the opening of your PRS account with your Provider, you are automatically enrolled as a lifetime account member and will be given an online account number by PPA. The online account features a single consolidated view, to enable members to view their investment details, check transactions and have access to performance reporting 24 hours a day.

PPA Account Administration

First time login procedures

How do I set-up PPA Online Account for the first time/ obtain First Time Login password?
Please click here to view a visual guide on how to conduct a First Time Login.

How do I change my password?

Please click here to view a visual guide on how to change your password.

Why has my account been locked-out?

Your account has been locked out due to the below possible reasons: –
(i) Exceeded the number of attempts allowable for login (more than 3 attempts); or
(ii) New password had not been saved properly during change of password process.

Please contact PPA Call Centre at 1-300-131-772 or e-mail AskPPA@ppa.my for assistance.

My account has been locked-out and I wish to re-set my password. What should I do?

Please proceed to click on the Forgot Password tab here. For assistance, please contact PPA Call Centre at 1-300-131-772 or e-mail AskPPA@ppa.my.

I wish to update my personal details, what should I do?

Kindly contact your PRS Provider to effect the changes or contact PPA Call Centre at 1-300-131-772 or e-mail AskPPA@ppa.my for assistance.

Where do I go to lodge a complaint?

We analyse all complaints and take into account whether the complaint is founded and based on existing regulation and guidelines. Where the complaint is a serious matter, which requires changes in the existing regulation or guidelines, we will escalate the same to the regulators for further consideration.

You can lodge your complaints to the PPA through the following channels: –

By Phone: 1-300-131-772
By E-mail: askPPA@ppa.my

We acknowledge receipt of all complaints within 24 hours and will attempt to resolve any complaints within 2 business days (for complaints which do not require investigation) and within 7 business days (for complaints which require investigation).