How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement?

It’s always good to start saving for your retirement once you begin to earn a monthly salary. Save regularly to grow your retirement savings.

Use this calculator to find out how much you will need to save for your retirement.

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For illustration purposes, you may add other savings (e.g.: Unit Trust/Amanah Saham, Fixed Deposit) into the PRS Balance.

I am years old and planning to retire at age . I need my retirement income until age

My current monthly salary is RM

My last drawn salary is approx. RM and I want approx. RM a month during retirement

My current EPF total savings is RM

Total % EPF contribution per month

My current PRS savings is RM

(including other savings, e.g.: Unit Trust/Amanah Saham, Fixed Deposit)

My monthly contribution to PRS is %

Before retirement, I would like a % annual rate of return for my PRS savings.

Upon retirement, I will continue my savings invested with % of return p.a.

Current inflation rate is % per annum

Your Retirement Funds at Age

You will need
For years
Until years old
You have about
Approx. for years
Until years old


The above information is for illustration only and is based on your data input including the following assumptions.

  1. * Recommend 2/3 of your last drawn salary to maintain your existing living standards into retirement.
  2. Your annual income increment rate is at 3%.
  3. Inflation rate is at default 3% per annum.
  4. Life time EPF savings average at default 4% dividend rate per annum.
  5. Upon retirement, you will keep your savings invested with 4% default rate of return p.a. and make monthly withdrawal of an amount that you will need.

The Retirement Calculator should be used as a guide and not as a guarantee of meeting your retirement savings goal or intended to provide investment advice. Please consult a PRS Consultant for your retirement plan.