List of Schemes & Funds

PRS Provider Name of Scheme Name of Funds Effective Date
Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad
Affin Hwang Private Retirement Scheme • Affin Hwang PRS Conservative Fund
• Affin Hwang PRS Moderate Fund
• Affin Hwang PRS Growth Fund
• Affin Hwang Aiiman PRS Shariah Growth Fund
• Affin Hwang Aiiman PRS Shariah Moderate Fund 1-Jul-15
AIA Pension and Asset Management Sdn Bhd AIA Private Retirement Scheme • AIA PAM – Conservative Fund
• AIA PAM – Moderate Fund
• AIA PAM – Growth Fund
• AIA PAM – Islamic Moderate Fund
AmFunds Management Berhad
AmPRS • AmPRS-Conservative Fund
• AmPRS-Moderate Fund
• AmPRS-Growth Fund
• AmPRS-Dynamic Sukuk
• AmPRS-Tactical Bond
• AmPRS-Islamic Fixed Income Fund
• AmPRS-Islamic Balanced Fund
• AmPRS-Islamic Equity Fund
• AmPRS-Asia Pacific REITs 19-Nov-14
Kenanga Investors Berhad OnePRS • Kenanga OnePRS Conservative Fund
• Kenanga OnePRS Moderate Fund
• Kenanga OnePRS Growth Fund
• Kenanga OnePRS Shariah Equity Fund 28-Oct-14
Shariah OnePRS • Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Conservative Fund
• Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Moderate Fund
• Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Growth Fund
Manulife Asset Management Services Bhd Manulife PRS NESTEGG Series • Manulife PRS-Conservative Fund
• Manulife PRS-Moderate Fund
• Manulife PRS-Growth Fund
Manulife Shariah PRS NESTEGG Series • Manulife Shariah PRS-Conservative Fund
• Manulife Shariah PRS-Moderate Fund
• Manulife Shariah PRS-Growth Fund
Principal Asset Management Berhad
(formerly known as CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad)
CIMB-Principal PRS Plus • CIMB-Principal PRS Plus Conservative
• CIMB-Principal PRS Plus Moderate
• CIMB-Principal PRS Plus Growth
• CIMB-Principal PRS Plus Equity
• CIMB-Principal PRS Plus Asia Pacific Ex Japan Equity
CIMB Islamic PRS Plus • CIMB Islamic PRS Plus Conservative
• CIMB Islamic PRS Plus Moderate
• CIMB Islamic PRS Plus Growth
• CIMB Islamic PRS Plus Equity
• CIMB Islamic PRS Plus Asia Pacific Ex. Japan Equity
Public Mutual Berhad Public Mutual Private Retirement Scheme-Conventional Series • Public Mutual PRS Conservative Fund
• Public Mutual PRS Moderate Fund
• Public Mutual PRS Growth Fund
• Public Mutual PRS Equity Fund
• Public Mutual PRS Strategic Equity Fund
Public Mutual Private Retirement Scheme-Shariah-based Series • Public Mutual PRS Islamic Conservative Fund
• Public Mutual PRS Islamic Moderate Fund
• Public Mutual PRS Islamic Growth Fund
• Public Mutual PRS Islamic Strategic Equity Fund 6-Nov-15
RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd
RHB Retirement Series • RHB Retirement Series – Growth Fund
• RHB Retirement Series – Moderate Fund
• RHB Retirement Series – Conservative Fund
• RHB Retirement Series – Islamic Equity Fund
• RHB Retirement Series – Islamic Balanced Fund
Note: AmFunds Management Berhad as the Manager of AmPRS Dynamic Allocator (the “Fund”) has terminated the trust in respect of the Fund and wound-up the Fund on the 31 August 2019. Refer to the announcement here.