Saving for your future, made easier

PRS Online is a service developed by PPA for you to save for your future in PRS – the easy, convenient and secure way. With PRS Online service, you can enrol for a PRS account or top up your PRS contributions anytime, anywhere.

Enrol for a PRS account in a few simple steps. Just set up your profile, select your preferred PRS Providers and funds followed by your e-banking payment. PRS Online’s security features include email and mobile phone verification upon signing and payment confirmation.

Once you have a PRS account, make regular contributions to save more for your retirement.  PRS Members can make additional contributions to their existing PRS funds hassle-free via  PRS Online Top Up service.

PRS Online is a paperless and cashless system. Upon enrolment, you review  and manage your funds from your digital device or make monthly top-ups. Saving for your future has never been easier.

Enrol anytime, anywhere and stay connected to your account 24/7 via your digital devices. Or top up your PRS funds at your own convenience. Just decide on your top-up amount, choose your fund and make your payment.

PRS Online is highly secure with features like email and mobile phone verification and payment confirmation on a secured network. More than that, all online payment transactions are efficiently administered via e-banking transfers through the FPX.