Power your savings

Make Time and Compound Growth Work for You

PRS is a long-term savings and investment scheme designed for your retirement. When it comes to your retirement savings, the element of compounding is a powerful tool as it essentially means interest or earnings are added to your contributions over your period of investing until retirement. Give your PRS contributions time to grow and tap on the power of compounding on your contribution amount.

For a simple illustration on how compound interest works on your PRS contribution, see the chart below:

The chart above serves as an illustration only and results may vary depending on the movement of the price of units, distribution payable, etc.

Saving More with PRS is a Big Plus for Your Retirement

Increasing your PRS contributions will enhance the growth of your retirement funds by harnessing the power of compounding on your contributions overtime. The bigger your retirement funds, the better funding you will have for your retirement needs. No matter your stage in life, you can always save more for a better retirement.