CEO’s Statement

H_1 Husaini Hussin
Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to our website!

If you are visiting us for the first time, there are lots of insights here to help you make the move to save for your retirement with PRS. And, if you are already a PRS Member, do browse through our ‘web home’ to get more information and updates about PRS savings.

As we go through our busy lives with career, studies and everyday living; saving for our future especially for retirement may not be one of our priorities. Undoubtedly there are always other priorities and commitments, but we should not disregard the importance of having adequate and sufficient savings to sustain our retirement years.

PRS – a long-term voluntary savings and investment scheme – is designed to help you save more for your future. Whether you are employed or self-employed, you could supplement your retirement savings under a well-structured, regulated and trusted scheme of PRS. If you are an employer, PRS could be a benefit to attract and retain skilled talents aside from promoting a holistic financial wellbeing within your organization.

One of the unique features of PRS is PPA’s presence as the designated central administrator for the scheme. Established by Securities Commission Malaysia, PPA aims to serve and protect PRS Members’ interests. Guided further by its motto ‘we are here for you’, PPA provides lifetime account management, member services and serves as a one-stop resource centre for all things PRS.

Especially for PRS Members, you have the consolidated view of your respective PRS accounts through PPA’s PRS Member Portal to monitor your contributions and the performance of all your funds. You can also ENROL online to either start a PRS account or invest in new PRS fund(s) or TOP UP your PRS contributions anytime, anywhere in an easy, convenient and secure way via PPA’s PRS Online service.

It would be remiss of me lest I share with you that it is neither too early nor too late to start saving for your retirement. Building another source of savings will augur well for your future retirement wellbeing.

So, take action and start today.

Save in PRS.

Husaini Hussin
Chief Executive Officer