PRS Youth Incentive

private_retirement_scheme_youth_incentive_logoIn the 2014 Budget tabled on 25 October 2013, the Prime Minister had announced youth incentive of RM500 to contributors who participate in the PRS scheme to inculcate the importance of saving from an early age to ensure sufficient savings after retirement. The RM500 is a one-off contribution by the Government to young PRS members to encourage youth to undertake long-term savings for retirement through the PRS.

Pursuant to Budget 2017, the incentive amount has been enhanced by the government to RM1,000. The government will contribute RM1,000 per qualified youth to be used to purchase units of PRS funds in the PRS account. To qualify, the youth has to accumulate a minimum gross contribution amount of RM1,000 during a period of two (2) years from 2017-2018.

PRS Youth Incentive launch presentation slides