601, 2017

Make Saving for Your Retirement a 2017 Goal

source: Smart Investor.

1412, 2016

Save For Retirement and Enjoy Tax Relief Too

Retirement could be the best chapter of your life when you have the time and resources to do the things you have always wanted to do with the people closest to you.

911, 2016

Make Retirement Savings Your Priority

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When it comes to planning for their retirement, women face some unique challenges and risks that confront them. It is crucial to be aware of these challenges and take action to address them

609, 2016

The Informed PRS Contributor

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PRS contributors take the first step in managing their investment risks by making an informed decision in investing their contributions into an appropriate fund that will achieve the desired retirement objective. One

108, 2016

It’s Never Too late to Save More for Retirement

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For those of us moving on to middle age or transiting into retirement, we have progressed with our careers and moved on in our life stages. Our priorities, obligations and focus in

906, 2016

Save 1/3 Now for 2/3 Later

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For most of us who are employed in the private sector, the EPF is the main source of our retirement funds. However recent studies have shown that the mandatory contributions to the